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About Us: Our Pay Per Click Ads Services

The "Pay per Click" (PPC) is a widespread model of digital advertising, through which advertisers pay to the websites and portals in which they advertise, only when someone clicks on their advertisement. In the case of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing ...) advertisers usually bid for those keywords that are relevant to their potential consumers. Content websites, on the other hand, usually charge a fixed price per click instead of using a bidding system. The so-called "Cost per Click" (CPC), therefore, is the amount paid by an advertiser to the Seekers or other websites on the Internet for a single click on your ad. The click, therefore, directs the visitor directly to the advertiser's website.

Pay-per-click advertising systems encompass websites where users are identified as potential buyers of the products or services of a given company. This "identification" is possible through the search criteria used, or by the type of content for which they are browsing.

We are one of best PPC Consultant in Delhi NCR region.

How we increase quality visits to your website:

We have 9+ years experience in providing Pay Per Click Ads Services.

Below are some services which we provide to our customer.

  • Creation and activation of your account in Google Ad Words.
  • Initial configuration, management and permanent optimization of campaigns in Google Ad Words
  • Audit, review and optimization of your current Adwords campaigns.
  • Search engine ads with sponsored links.
  • Ads through banners in the Content Network and the Google Remarketing channel.
  • Daily monitoring of costs and performance through weekly reports to the client.
  • Monthly Web Analytics report focused on analyzing the behaviour of visits from AdWords and if the established objectives are being met.
  • Deliver instant traffic & leads to small, medium & large sized business by mean of PPC Ads Management Services

Do you know that we can get a user who has left your website without buying back with help of our PPC Management Services in Delhi? Through Retargeting, or Remarketing, we can get your ads to be shown only to those people who have previously visited your website. Thanks to the trace that the user leaves during his Internet browsing, we can follow him wherever he goes and remind him of your product at the most opportune moment.

Our Philosophy

We consider the quality, the cost-benefit ratio and the punctuality of delivery above all.

We use our time in the most efficient way possible, which does not mean carrying out our work as quickly as possible, since focusing solely on the speed of delivery does not always guarantee the quality of the result. Therefore, in addition to speed we include quality and in this way we can guarantee our customers that they will always obtain the best cost-benefit ratio.

We achieve all this by working hard and quickly, following the best practices, using already proven and proven methods and programming both free or customized code, depending on what is most appropriate for the project.

We strive to maintain a clear and accurate communication to avoid confusion and waste time. We follow perfectly defined processes, use specific quality controls and work with the best software tools.

We focus on the development of the entire team to ensure that all members of the company share the same vision of quality, cost-benefit and timeliness of delivery that directors have.

Thanks to all the aforementioned, we can offer the best service to our clients, within the deadlines and in the agreed budgets. And for that reason we manage to maintain a long-term relationship with them, because they trust that we will always strive to achieve the best for them.