Shopping Ads Campaign Management Service

Every time someone from your target audience decides to shop for something you sell on Google, a picture of your product gets displayed, linked and ready to be ordered. That’s when Google Shopping Ads comes into the picture. It gets your products in front of online shoppers quicker than any other method – and mind it, your competitors are already using it. We at PPC Consultant know that you want to maximize your revenues from this paid advertising. This is why we take a systematic approach to optimize your Google Shopping campaigns: We target customers when they are willing to make a purchase thereby maximizing sales.

We’ve served many e-commerce websites and we know what it takes to boost sales through shopping ads and our experts are completely qualified to design and implement successful shopping campaigns. We understand that shopping feeds can appear intimidating. This is why, as part of our service, we will recommend you on how to rightly configure your shopping feed and set it up in Google Merchant Center to guarantee your ads run with the best performance possible.

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Shopping Ads & PLA Ads Optimization
Why To Choose Shopping Ads Campaign or PLA Ads?

Bottom line, e-commerce retailers require shopping ads in order to stay competitive in their industry. Customers prefer shopping ads because they are much user-friendly and lets you take shopping decisions easily. Shopping ads let online retailers showcase a photo of the product, a headline, a brief and the price. This gives buyers a very easy way to browse products across competitors and determine which product they want to purchase.

Attracts People Ready to Purchase

Another advantage of shopping ads is that they attract buyers that are in the purchasing cycle and almost ready to make a purchase. These group of users includes the ones that have already conducted product research and know the type of product they want to purchase, and the shopping feed gives them the means to price shop.

Increased Click Through Rate (CTR)

Customers that switch on a powerful shopping ad campaign comparatively experiences more click-through rate. Because shopping ads attract more potential customers, this means improved website traffic and more purchases for your product.

Decrease Your Cost Per Click (CPC)

Shopping ads or PLA ads has less clicking cost as compared to search ads. This will help you to boost your sales at very low budget. Your CPC is in controlled. We as an expert in Shopping Ads Campaign Management will help you to boost your ROI & Sales.

Not using Google Shopping ads yet? You should.

Even if you’ve never adopted Google Shopping Ads approach, we’ll be there to help you get started.

Designed for e-commerce

If you’re looking to get real outcomes from your campaigns, working with PPC Consultant on your Google Shopping Ads can help improve the profitability of your campaigns without bothering about accidentally going above your ad budget.

Go further with a team of experts

Get access to more advanced bid management - based on the margins and conversion rate. Our experts set up and run your Google Shopping campaigns to help your e-commerce businesses achieve effective growth without worrying about ROI.

Displayed for Relevant queries

From primary setup to optimizing product headlines and descriptions, we’ll make sure your ads are being displayed for as many relevant queries as possible.

Get more clarity

Working with PPC Consultant will also give you a clear report of performance, better budget control, and easy knowledge of campaign optimization.

If you are looking to develop a shopping ad for your product or restructure an existing shopping campaign for your e-commerce business, PPC Consultant is more than happy to help. Contact us now!